Noatun Conquered by Tarons LOL

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WYD History

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We now know a game of online RPG. Well, the story revolves around two gods who made the creation of the earth, human beings and everything that existed on earth. By envy of one of the gods are paying more attention to its creation, human, one of the gods taken by hatred and anger began to call Celestial War. That happened 400 years, that humanity fight to reerguer, is restructuring into kingdoms, studying magic. They lost the powers to be able to one day find ways to stop the evil that falls on the world and get rid of time with this battle.

This and a brief history of this environment With Your Destiny (WYD), a massive game of the RPG Online. Use is a reference to Greek mythology in the game and the explanation of how the player can and should control what your character should be done. A game-quality graphics cleaner and with strong characteristics, seeking environment has come very close to reality. Movement of characters, in the footsteps in different terrains, the balançarem plant with the wind and rain one of the major characteristics present here in WYD. In search of reality, can be seen even in moments of their fight, which depending on who you are beating and the beating it, generates sounds different

One of the weaknesses, even in this range of choice of the type of character to choose is limited to 4 types, which evolve into its own characteristics. There is how you change the features of character, change the forms, is arrested only in a change of clothes and weapons.

Gameplay and good, easy to understand. It has location system by X and Y axis that makes it easier to locate a particular area. The use of keyboard and mouse together to facilitate further development of movements and combinations with their skill.

A game that is worth knowing for those who like to RPG online, the site of the game and, make your registration, know this world and see the strength to make a ference.

See you online

Protecting Against Hackers

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Tutorial Security:

Tutorial brief, objective and basic (though long), how to keep your PC protected from pests and virtual software / malicious spyware, it also brings knowledge useful to you not as easy to fall into HOAX (Rumor digital unfounded) with unlawful purpose.

1. Passwords.

1.1. Care passwords.

The password is the point of easy access to any hacker who seeks harm him, without any knowledge, and your password is enough, we need more care with the password than with the protection of micro itself.

1.2. Formulating your password.

Some basic rules protect your password, and should be used not only in WYD, but anywhere:

• Do not put simple information such as date of anniversary, pieces of name / last name or sign, not a sequential repeated letters and numbers.
• Search formulate passwords with at least six digits, involving letters and numbers.
• In case of sensitive passwords (differentiation between capital-tiny) use this resource get further camouflage your password, including some servers allow use of special characters in the password, making it difficult action of software that serve get out through password combinations.
• initials of phrases known (and therefore not hinder advances forget the password :-)) are also a good shot, example: Water Soft Rock Hard Hit By Both What Fura, once the password would be: Ampdtbaqf1985 (number at the end can be any date , Number of luck, etc.), mixing tiny capitals, aMpDtBaQf1985, you may lose a few seconds more each time it logs on your account, but this can ensure that you continue logging vai it :-).
• Secret answer your e-mail also should follow patterns similar to the security of passwords, not known as someone put answers than you, and enter answers than six digits as well.

1.3. Frequency of an exchange of passwords.

Your password should not be the same for more than six months. The ideal would be exchange of 3 on 3 months at least, not only your password in WYD, but also of e-mail, because nothing makes just one change if the hacker has your password e-mail also, please note that apart the password in WYD in the e-mail, look also to exchange ‘secret question’ of his e-mail if the mail server provides, if a hacker has this information is easy for him get his password in WYD, as the seek return of the same password for ‘forgotten’, pick your password, e-mail through the secret question, notes in his e-mail password of WYD received through an e-mail the team Ongame, and after that erases the e – mail without leaving traces, all meticulously calculated and who is easy to get one of the 3 information (WYD password, password or e-mail response secret).
In case of suspicion, for minors who are the first step is to change all passwords related to then be analysed with the system software for verification of possible pests (keylogger, trojan, spyware, etc.)..
2. Situations of risk.

2.1. How to identify.

There are several situations where you can be in ‘risk’ and must act urgently, they are:

• Being out of the game with message of ‘simultaneous connection’, means that someone else signed his account and because of that you fell once, someone, and you have your password
• When your login char and be in place, or with a bag desarrumada, many hackers can invade your account, and to see who is with a few items, do nothing and hope you ‘evolve’ until they can hold a greater theft
• When you receive e-mail with reminder of your password or any request from the WYD in your e-mail, which you did not request.

2.2. How to proceed.

Each case is a case, and only you can set the level of the critical situation in many cases the exchange of password already solve the problem.

Below the critical relationship by order of steps to be taken:

1 – Change password of the WYD
2 – Change password of the e-mail
3 – Change sentence of secret e-mail
4 – Skip anti-spyware on the computer
5 – Skip the computer virus
6 – Reinstall WYD (below, explanation of this step)
7 – In the latter case, the computer format.

Why reinstall WYD?
Simple, if the Hacker has advanced knowledge, he may put / change any file. Dll or executable of the WYD, so that your information is forwarded to him via e-mail, every time you enter your login / password. No advance of any change passwords, and these changes made by him 99% of cases are not considered in the anti virus because it is perceived by him as a customization of the user’s system. Remember that should be uninstalled, deleted all folders not to be any file, including the registration of Windows (REGEDIT), and reinstalled from scratch again.
Format the computer only if no results achieved after all the steps above. Recalling that for this, you need to be aware of how to perform this task, or consult a Technical area.

3. Viruses, spyware, trojans and keyloggers, understand.

3.1. Virus

Virus itself, it is an archive of malicious code and illicit which aims to damage the system or portions thereof, the usual form of plague has no direct connection to the WYD, but it can damage your computer indirectly affecting its gameplay.
They can be detected and removed through specific software (virus), or removal of specific tools in case of persistent virus, or that leave the anti work to be removed.

3.2. Spyware

Archives / procedures installed, run on your system without you realize, are intended to collect information on your system, hamper the operation of your computer, and, above all, steal personal information, passwords, bank, passwords, game, passwords for websites, etc..
They can also be detected and removed by software (anti-spyware). These may hurt your game, because depending on the spyware, he gained their passwords, such as e-mail, including the WYD. Priority must be given periodically and move its anti-spyware updated for the verification of new spyware, if they have been installed.
Always suspected of sites. Every time they asked to screen the reliability of a site, examine whether or not really trust, because accepting, it will have autonomy to install any kind of spyware / plugin without their approval.
Do not open e-mails from unknown people. Beware of messages in mass Orkut, to pass the mouse over the link, check on the status bar hosted the file type (. Scr or. Cmd are the most used orkut, and these are of spyware / trojans) .

3.3. Trojans

Trojans are known-of-trojan horses, software that once installed (in disguise in some other software or sent by a supposed friend) is installed on your computer, and give full autonomy to the hacker to access ALL of your machine, folders, files, and thus he can install what you want in your PC, uninstall, delete, copy, etc..
Take care much with what you open, do not trust anyone who does not know personally and / or have much credit with you, because often the hackers circumvention players until they win their confidence, then you are supposed to file a hack, or similar WYD , And then your machine is infected.
There are anti-virus and anti-spyware that remove trojans, if both are well updated, Trojans will not have chances.

3.4. Keyloggers

The most widely used in the world of WYD and currently across the Internet, ALSO is necessary to be open a file to be installed.
The program logs (saved) that everything you type, and even click, and sends the information via e-mail to the hacker in a period defined by it, many anti-virus and anti-spyware not detect some types of keylogger, then it is very important that you have knowledge of what is accessing / opening on the Internet for this type of file not pass or near your microwave.
It can usually be removed by antivirus.

3.5 General on virtual pests

As could be noticed, all the pests depend on a user’s action, keep your computer always protected and updated (if it is shared, let those users about the dangers and how to resolve them). Try to keep itself informed of the hazards and protections, is aware of what is open or run does not give confidence to anyone, not visit sites suspected or unknown, check before you open a file on the source of hosting the same on the Internet.

4. Anti-virus, anti-spyware and removal tools.

4.1. Anti-virus.

There are several software for removal of viruses, each with unique characteristics, some free and others more effective.

Avast! Anti-virus
It has the best interface, but has resident shield (icon in the tray near the clock) with various options for better filtering.
Lightweight and quick to update, has good scan and remove many of the current virus, but it has paid demo version.

Good interface, and also has good power of removal in your scanner, also resident shield, updated frequently, a little heavier than Avast but as good.
The Nod32 is paid and has only one version shareware (free for a fixed).

Anti simple to use, has good scan (detects the vast majority of viruses) but does not remove all of them, is useful when used together with other anti-virus, making the task of scanning only, while the second anti remove those that fail to AVG remove.
He is paid but has free version.

Considered by INFO magazine on research done at the beginning of last year the best of all anti-virus, removing around 76% of existing viruses, the search is old but the tradition of McAfee is great and maintains a reputation of good anti-virus, has resident shield , Is heavier than the others but has great support and removes the virus very well.
He is paid and has no free version.
There are dozens of other known and unknown virus (Norton, etc.), find the one that most identifies.

4.2. Anti-spyware.

Great anti-spyware, simple to use, with frequent updates and light, removes references to malicious browser, cookies, it also records in cleaning, remove files, delete files doubtful.
It FREE version that already performs all functions that are necessary for us, and the paid version that adds other functions, which in this case are superfluous.

Spybot Seach & Destroy
Good anti-spyware too, have had problems before with regard to updates, the server was out, and because of this, was lost credit, but it is doing the same functions of the Ad-Aware, I recommend using the 2 software, because both located spyware that the other does not find. The ideal would be to run the two programs.
It FREE version that already performs all functions that are necessary for us, and paid version that adds other functions that are superfluous to this case.
There are other anti-spyware but all have similar functions and may be of less than or equal to the two cited.

4.3. Removal Tools.

If the move an anti-spyware and anti-virus and acknowledge a virus, and even with this virus removal tool persists, there are removal tools, tools that are developed specifically for certain types of viruses, which try to remove it in various ways, in 95% of the time performing successfully.

5. HOAX, Hacks, gold and easy InGame negotiations.

5.1. HOAX

They are false rumors generated by someone with intent to cause impact. In the case of WYD often arise rumours that something will happen, so it takes a wrong and hasty attitude, as some items sell cheaper, or not go into this place because it supposedly bugado. We can cite hundreds of examples, among them several HOAX relacionandos known that the players were supposed hackeados.

5.2. HACKS

Mormalmente consist of software that change any file. Dll or configuration of the game, and that affects the functioning of the same by adding or removing features of the game, aiming to ‘facilitate’ the life of the player who uses this means ILLICIT. The most important is to remember that nobody gives’ scoop-of-tea ‘offering facilities to other players without malicious intent or expecting something in return. 99% of the time, these HACKs acoplam keyloggers, acquiring information from your computer to send the creator of the software, and sooner or later the injury is greater, and your account may be hacked altogether. Recalling that there are HACKS that operate completely. From false hacks, almost all do not work and only seek to undermine, and that MAY work, leave traces that can result in BAN in your account (BUGs enjoy means that his character is deleted without notice).
They are sent, often by people who claim to be your friend, send it to you and make a proposal for gold EXP easy or quick, tempting to get any player seeking life easy in the game. Hackers use it usually means they get influence its victims, creating a relationship, and after a certain period of ‘friendship’ give the coup in whom they entrusted information. They can also be installed by accessing Forum or some site with false promises in screenshots altered so that the player believe and accept the condition of installing software to acquire wealth / exp.
Never accept applications from unknown, or even to friends who do not have total confidence.

5.3. Negotiations

AVOID make big business with persons unknown, because today there are already advanced bugs, which can remove / bugar the value that is in trade.
Avoid also negotiate values greater than 15 units (High value of a window of trade), as is often the person you send the items first, and then send it. Do not believe in sensational deals, adopt the saying ‘When is the other charity, the Holy suspected’ because of all this by bringing balburdia that generate Hackers InGame to draw attention, always has a roll pra harm the victim. Unfortunately, today, a good part of the players acting in bad faith, and we can not rely on anyone.

5.4. False or GM’s top-players

Usually appear in the game for persuadí it to deliver information or even items … This practice is very common within the reality of WYD, some situations, as described below, may be at risk and should be carefully considered:
• False GM: first, the GM’s never ask for information to you in the game, can easily see your information in the bank, log … there is because you send your data to a GM InGame. If a GM contact you, ask that he go to you during the game, and check if the characteristics and nickname are the same listed by GM’s Journal Forum in the game.

• Top Player: Many Hackers use famous names to induce misinformed the players’ emprestarem ‘items … or send before the items so that after you send him …. or pay to go to any Guest of the game.
• Cloning of usernames: It’s easy to clone a nickname today to encourage the victim to believe that it is a friend and so on.

Below examples of how often clone a nickname:

Nick correct: BattleBoy (with the letter ‘L’ tiny (l) the word Battle)
Nick cloned: BattIeBoy (with the letter ‘I’ capital (I) in the word BattIe)
Nick correct: | | | Boy | | | (with the bar ‘|’ composing the prefix and suffix)
Nick cloned: lllGarotolll (with the letter ‘L’ tiny (l) in the prefix and suffix)
Nick correct: Bad-Boy (with hyphen to divide the words)
Nick cloned: • Bad Boy (with the character alt +250 to divide the words)

In source here in the forum, it seems easy to distinguish the letters like, but the source WITHIN THE GAME camufla leaving them IDêNTICAS or almost imperceptible.

How to avoid?

1 – visual contact in the game, if your friend / known you recognise the items, the type of character.
2 – Send a private message without using the / r, typing the name in full and sending to verify that the person is correct or not.
3 – Ask for confirmation of trading for MSN / Skype, etc. (Ex: send message on MSN asking if he is to open Trade InGame with you, to see if it really realizing the exchange of items).

Read the Tutorial completely, carefully follow the tips, and be careful.

Have a good game, clean and safe =D

Spectral Rock’s

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Powerful members of the Most Powerful Mortal Guild =D ViRuS Forever^^

Chanel War

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Protecting our Chanel =D

Guild ViRuS

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Me and my beloved friends.

More About WYD

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With an impressionistic medieval ambiance in graphic terms, and with beautiful and developed plot, the game brings to the surface of the atmospheres of any favorite player of RPG. There are four classes of character selectable, each with three trees of different skills, allowing a variety of customization very useful to players.

Before any dream civilization exists, even before the rise of the first grain of cosmic dust, only two living beings, their names are impronunciáveis by mortals, therefore, have to call them Yetzirah and Tzfah. When these beings, above the gods, joined, everything was created, there emerged the macro-cosmos (the universe), the cosmos (the planets), and micro-cosmos (the man). As soon as that process was complete we, the people, the people began to land.